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We combine first-of-its-kind technology with human care to help people with diabetes and other chronic metabolic conditions lead happier, healthier lives.

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We knew there was a better way to treat the chronic metabolic conditions that affect over a billion people around the world, and it would have to start with the understanding that every person is different—biologically different, psychologically different, socio-economically different, and different in their likes and dislikes. So our approach to helping people regain their metabolic health would have to be unique to the individual.

We set about defining and refining that approach, using data, AI, and human ingenuity to determine the best way to treat complex metabolic conditions, person by person. The result: the creation of Whole Body Digital Twin™, a completely individualized representation of the internal processes happening in a person’s body, and how small changes in things like nutrition, activity, and sleep can lead to long-lasting improvements. We now see how the Whole Body Digital Twin, combined with our compassionate clinical care, transforms people’s health.

Some say we prevent and reverse chronic metabolic disease like type 2 diabetes, obesity, and fatty liver. We say we help people reclaim their good health and zest for life. Our members say Twin Health changed their lives!

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