Twin Health secures $50m to expand its groundbreaking Whole Body Digital Twin™ technology

Twin’s pioneering digital twin AI and compassionate clinical care approach achieves healthier and sustained weight loss, while safely eliminating GLP-1s 

Twin Health


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Mountain View, CA – May 22, 2024 – Today, Twin Health announced it is extending its whole body digital twin AI platform, proven to help members achieve remission of type 2 diabetes and eliminate medications, to address the challenge of obesity and weight loss. Twin’s Healthy Weight solution combines digital twin AI and compassionate clinical care to help members achieve a healthy weight that they can sustain without medication. The program, offered through employers and health plans, is funded by savings from reduced reliance on GLP-1s and other costly health interventions. 

“Losing weight is difficult. The introduction of GLP-1s has created hope, but they are a tool,” said Lisa Shah, chief medical officer of Twin Health. “While these medications certainly have a role, they aren’t a complete solution. They’re unaffordable for many, and when adherence is low it results in rebound weight gain. Our Healthy Weight approach complements GLP-1s, and focuses on sustainable weight loss built on small precise changes that are doable because they flow from each person’s unique biology, habits, and preferences.” 

Twin’s Healthy Weight solution is being deployed at innovative employers including Applegreen, Bayview and Dayforce. It also enables people to maintain weight loss after stopping GLP-1 use. 

Value to employers and health plans burdened by unsustainable medication costs

Healthy Weight is part of a clinically appropriate, financially feasible, and highly differentiated benefits strategy for employers and health plans. It is the only digital health solution that empowers employees with a digital twin AI model of their unique metabolism that guides their journey to a healthy weight. Twin helps individuals achieve sustained medication elimination when clinically appropriate. 

Value to employees and health plan members

Twin’s Healthy Weight program is unique in helping people heal themselves through a much deeper understanding of their body’s metabolism, and the satisfaction of achieving small, attainable, and meaningful wins throughout the day. Members feel the benefits of increased muscle strength, energy, and blood glucose improvement and stabilization. The digital twin AI and clinical team provide precise steps to medication elimination, avoidance of rebound weight gain when a drug such as a GLP-1 is eliminated, and continued healthy weight loss and improved strength. The app provides deeply individualized insights. For example, it may tell a member to keep doing what they’re doing, letting them know that they are 14 days away from eliminating one of their medications.

The power of the Whole Body Digital Twin AI™, a new and higher performing era for digital health

In the last few decades, dozens of digital health solutions were created to manage metabolic diseases, primarily diabetes. As recently reported, they too often fail to engage members or achieve sustained outcomes and savings. These solutions claim to offer “personalization” when most are digitized templates – like a one-size-fits-all diet or caloric restriction – that tend to fail over time. This can create a frustrating experience and predictably low engagement and adherence. 

Twin Health was founded with an entirely different approach. Twin Health’s pioneering Whole Body Digital Twin AI is based on proven digital twin AI computing models. Twin Health creates a dynamic replica, or twin, of each member’s metabolism and preferences from thousands of data points collected daily, in real time. The digital twin AI generates easy-to-follow prompts on a smartphone-based app that are deeply individual and achievable for each member. A licensed clinical care team supports this journey to heal - not just “manage” - metabolic disease through nutrition, sleep, activity, and stress. 

About Twin Health

Twin Health invented the Whole Body Digital Twin™ to empower people to reverse and prevent chronic metabolic diseases, improve energy and physical health, and extend lifespan. To learn more, visit

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Twin Health secures $50m to expand its groundbreaking Whole Body Digital Twin™ technology
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