Precision solutions for complex conditions

Twin Health combines proprietary technology and expert care to prevent, improve, and reverse chronic metabolic conditions, giving people a new lease on life.

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The Whole Body Digital Twin™️

Every body is different, and everybody’s metabolism is different too. Our first-of-its-kind Whole Body Digital TwinTM technology uses artificial intelligence to analyze more than 3,000 data points each day and create a digital “twin” of a member's unique metabolism. This twin serves as their dedicated guide, continuously recommending simple and precise actions to improve health and reach their goals.

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A compassionate clinical care team

Our dedicated health coaches, nurses, and providers work in a symbiotic fashion with the Whole Body Digital Twin to gain a comprehensive understanding of each member's biology and preferences. The team provides encouragement, shares in successes (and challenges), and supports their journey toward lasting behavior change and a healthier, happier future.


The latest smart devices and wearables

After enrolling, members receive a $1,200 welcome kit at no cost to them. The kit contains a series of digital tools to gather data and track progress, including things like continuous glucose monitors (CGM), a blood pressure cuff, a Bluetooth scale, and an activity tracker. Combined with labs and other data, these tools provide vital information on a continuous basis to help guide the member's program.

Mobile Application

A convenient and accessible companion

Twin Health’s mobile app delivers ongoing, personalized recommendations on nutrition, activity, sleep, and more. As a result, members can see how small, daily actions like pairing two foods, ten minutes of deep breathing, or a short walk after lunch amount to profound lifelong changes. The app also provides access to our care team, which is on standby 24/7 to provide timely, compassionate support.

Treating Root Causes

Going beyond symptoms to treat the root cause

Medications alone offer a band-aid solution to metabolic conditions like prediabetes, type 2 diabetes, and obesity, offering only a temporary reduction in A1C and short-lived weight loss at a high financial and human cost. We help individuals understand and heal their metabolism, reversing disease, eliminating meds, and providing a foundation for a healthier, more active, and longer life.

Evidence-based programs, proven outcomes

We’re so confident in the efficacy of our programs that we offer them fully at-risk. Our healthy weight, prediabetes, and type 2 diabetes solutions are based upon the highest quality RCT research, peer-reviewed and published in leading journals.

Eligible population activated within the first year*
Annual savings per active member with at least 1 high-cost medication*
Projected pharmacy savings annualized across all members with 1 or more high-cost meds*
*Outcomes from a Twin self-insured employer partner
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Life-changing outcomes

Let's partner together to heal the root cause of your employee's or member's chronic metabolic conditions, change their lives and health for the better, and reduce health care costs.

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